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Wood Products

From Oak to Cherry wood options, our wood floor selection allows you to pick just the right look for your home. Add beauty, warmth and sophistication to any room with hardwood flooring, and add value to your home. With a variety of styles, treatments and finishes, we will help you find exactly what you want within your budget.


  • Ash

    Ash is a strong, hardwood species – even harder than Oak... Read more

  • Cherry

    Cherry is a hard, stylish wood with a reddish appearance, and ... Read more

  • Maple

    European Maple – also known as Sycamore – is a har... Read more

  • Oak

    White Oak is a hard, strong wood species with a long, straight... Read more

  • Walnut

    Walnut is a dark, medium hardwood species with a straight, pat... Read more